Friday, May 21, 2010

Kim Porter Gets An Entire Article Dedicated To Her In The Huffington Post


A writer (Wendy Todd) from the Huffington Post Urban Pop wrote a snorky article about KP. The article stems from the kiss Kim gave her eldest son Quincy on Mother's Day 2010. I read the entire article it makes absolutely no sense. This women is trying to insinuate that by kissing your male child on the lips he won't be able to disunite mother from wife.

For some reason the black urban blogs always trash Kim Porter (the reason I created the fansite). She can do nothing right in their eyes. Have you ever notice none of Sean Comb's other baby mothers get dragged threw the mud (skin color has alot to do with it)? Either way, good or bad, for Kim Porter to have an entire article dedicated to her in the Huffington Post is huge. So the Daily is going to congratulate Kim on her article in the Huffington Post. Click here to read the article. Yes we take lemons and create lemonade!


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