Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kim Porter And Diddy "Baby Couture" Magazine

Kim Porter and Diddy "Baby Couture" Magazine.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Video Kim Porter In 'The Brothers' Movie

Some of the readers have been emailing me asking me to post a video of KP starring in the movie 'The Brothers', here it is (beginning at the 4:00 mark). For those of you who want to know if that is really Kim, yes, it's Kimberly Elizabeth Porter. She has a long resume of movies and music videos that she has appeared in. You've probably never heard about it because the public is more obsessed with her personal life. 

Video Kim Porter And The Twins Attend Her Friend Tori Spelling Snow Party

I came across a video interview Kim did in 2009. Kim took the twins to a snow party that her close friend Tori Spelling and Tori's husband Dean hosted. While at the party KP gave a mini interview to Oxygen TV. Watch the video here.